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One more page

By JGray
The 'multiple head shots' technique used on this page is something Brian Bendis is very fond of using. I thought I'd give it a try. Of course, Bendis uses different characters in the panels while I wanted Theresa in a variety of awkward expressions.

This is the next to last page of this story! The big conclusion comes at the end of the week. What will happen? Gasp! Stay tuned!

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Guest post by "R00ney1919191"

I say, good sir, there's a difference between a cliffhanger and stalling a conclusion that could, should, and will happen!

Good work otherwise.

Submitted February 21 2012 at 10:31PM


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Guest post by "Peaches"
Just say, "ok, let's doo eet!"
Simple, effective and fun!

Submitted February 22 2012 at 4:28PM


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Guest post by "Fairportfan"
First, put down the wrench.

Submitted February 22 2012 at 9:30PM

Drakanor Dream

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Guest post by "Drakanor Dream"
No, you do not put down the wrench. The wrench makes thins interesting :P

Submitted February 23 2012 at 10:52PM


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Guest post by "Gillsing"
At least it's not a crowbar...

Submitted February 24 2012 at 3:13PM