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Commission Keith W!


By JGray

So, over the weekend we were hacked. I don't understand all the details but apparently someone in France took advantage of a weakness in the site's host to put in redirects and junk that led to a Chinese news site.


Couldn't tell you.

But JD got things working right away so let's hear it for the man of the hour! Hooray JD!

There will be no comic on Thursday since it is the American holiday we like to call...

... eat a lot day.

Christmas is Coming

By JGray

Christmas is coming but the squirrels aren't getting fat...



War never changes.

Ahem! Well, that was certainly random.

Speaking of Christmas, there are two ways you can give a Christmas present to the team behind your favorite webcomic (no, not that one. Mysteries of the Arcana, silly!)

First, up until the end of the month, for every commission Keith gets from a Mysteries of the Arcana reader, I will be paying him an additional $1. So, feel free to go to Keith's commission page and find out his very reasonable rates!

And, of course, you can support our Patreon. The Patreon pays for the comic. Without it, the comic wouldn't be here. I mean this quite sincerely. We are currently $31 away from our next milestone, at which point I start paying myself a whole $5 per page! We're $61 away from the milestone after that, where Keith gets a raise! So, please consider supporting us!

Thank you and see you Monday.


By JGray

Yep. I'm on a quest. How many times can I put the word 'squirrel' into a page title. I'm lucky, I guess. Most comic writers don't get to name their individual page titles the way I do! Lucky... or cursed.

Time to promote another Pathfinder-compatible RPG product. Not for myself, though! Nope! Keith Wood, the man you know and love as the artist behind this comic, has branched out. His first RPG product, Spooky Gardens Autumn Special, was just released. I believe he has four different horrifying plants depicted in that book using his unique artistic skills. Consider picking it up and giving it a review, noting how much you like the art. Keith can always use more work.

See you Thursday!