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Your Favorite MotA?

By JGray

Hello! So, here I am, starting to work on chapter seven of Mysteries of the Arcana. Seven! My goodness. And I decided to ask a question I hope y'all will answer. Well, four questions really.

What's your favorite chapter of Mysteries of the Arcana?

And why?

What's your least favorite?

And why?

As a reminder, here are the chapters.

Chapter 1: More Heavens and Earths - Theresa meets Chrys and they end up having an adventure in the Devil where they rescue Chrys's mom.

Chapter 2: All the Way Down - Chrys and Theresa travel to an arcana of giant turtles, where truths are revealed.

Chapter 3: Two by Two - Everyone has to "pay their rent" by going supply shopping. William and Theresa visit his home arcana while Chrys and Mandrake end up chasing a little thief in a 1950-ish science fiction setting.

Chapter 4: In the Beginnings - Chrys and Theresa have their first "date", listening to Melody tell the origin story of the arcana.

Chapter 5: Inn Trouble - Baron Sir and a band of mercs invade the Inn.

Chapter 6: Void in the Road - This chapter!

I would really appreciate it if everyone who reads the comic took the time to answer these questions. Your thoughts will be a great help in writing the next chapter.

See you Monday!


By JGray

Some of you guessed it. The word of power obtained from the oddly erotic Garden of Epic Manly Poetry was, in fact, a way to grow the trees.

Except, these are trees growing on a world that's one giant tree. I suppose that makes them branches? Think about that for a little while. Or a long while. I like it when you think about Mysteries of the Arcana. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Just a reminder, but a publisher I work for is running a Kickstarter to fund a run of 12 books. If the project gets funded, I'm in charge of the line. So, please consider donating to it! Not only do I get paid if you do but I get paid to create books about strange topics like rains of frogs and household magical items that aren't particularly useful to adventurers! Seriously, please consider backing it. I'd really appreciate it.

See you Thursday!

Word of Power

By JGray

Due to the serial nature of webcomics, it has been a few months since we last saw the word of power. For those who don't remember, Theresa received it after making up a haiku in the Garden of Epic Manly Poetry.

There's been some speculation about what happened to the acorns the viquirrels need to help them sleep through the winter, including an idea that they sold the nuts to get some guns. They did not. The two tribes went to war because there weren't enough acorns as winter approached. If you looked closely back when Chrys and Theresa hiked across the battlefield you can see hints of the remains of the trees.

Finally, I am not someone who likes doing the whole promoting thing. I'm a horrible salesperson. But the Letters from the Flaming Crab Kickstarter could really use some help. We've stalled at about halfway to our goal. Letters from the Flaming Crab is a Pathfinder-compatible RPG line that aims to put out one book a month, each time on a different and somewhat unusual topic. If the Kickstarter gets funded we can afford to pay writers. Also, if the Kickstater funds, Flaming Crab can afford to pay the guy in charge of the line's development. That'd be me. It would be nice to get paid for my work there so, please, consider giving us a dollar or two.

Thank you! See you Monday!