Armless or Haaaarmless?

By JGray

Hidden Name: Brett Roark

Poor armless Surgeon. How will the poor thing practice "medicine" with no arms? All those neat toys yanked off thanks to the now deceased (re-deceased) patchwork twins.

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We have a complicated but fun relationship. :)

See you Monday!


By verias

Hidden Name: Christopher Galbreath

So! We cut away and back to the Inn itself, and the devious, evil device that's allowing information hijacking.

Amusingly, J's script insists that the thing blinks "evilly. Evilly I tells you!". So, I wonder what Kludge could be up to.

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Until Thursday!

Keith W.


By JGray

Hidden Name: Robin Childs

Did I mention I was going to be killing off at least one character this chapter?

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that.

Did I forgot to tell y'all that? Man. Now I feel just like Joss Whedon.


And don't forget! Keith and I are running a Patreon to fund our new superhero comic, Silver City - a webcomic that focuses on a group of newly emerging superheroes with an emphasis on diversity and the price each has to pay for their abilities. Please consider backing us.

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