Dead Guest Star!

By JGray

Hidden Name: L.F. Meeks

And that's the last we'll see of Kietra.

Or issssss it?

And to think, the real life Kietra was worried that her avatar had killed off Mandrake. When, all this time, it was the other way around!


See you Thursday!

What? Me Worry?

By JGray

Hidden Names: Phoenix Sims, Lisa Sims, Storm Sims

As was pointed out, Mandrake comes from a cyberpunk culture. The fae there have learned to adapt their illusions to thermal imaging systems.

Someone's still gonna die, though...

For those of you interested in Silver City, the superhero webcomic by myself and Keith, the second page has gone live for the public! Patrons got to see the page a few days early but now everyone can read it. It looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.

As a side note, yesterday was my birthday! Yay me!

See you Monday!

Now For Something Different

By JGray

Hidden Name: Wil

Kludge sure is being bossy there! Seems like he has a plan, though. Maybe we'll even get to see if Mandrake survived long enough for the end of lockdown to matter soon!

Or maybe not.

Don't forget, Keith and I are running a Patreon to fund our superhero webcomic, Silver City (and, indirectly, future chapters of Mysteries of the Arcana). The first page is already up at the Patreon site to view!

And for fun? Here's my fridge pickle recipe:

1. Gather together cucumbers, garlic, fresh dill, hot peppers, distilled white vinegar, distilled water, salt and a mason jar.

2. Crush 1-5 garlic cloves (to taste). Put in jar with two sprigs of dill, one sliced up hot pepper and a tablespoon of salt.

3. Cut up the cucumbers into spears or slices as desired. Fill the jar to the top with cut up cucumbers. It is important to fill the jar.

4. Pour in white vinegar until about 1/3rd of the jar is full. Fill the rest of the jar, to the very top, with distilled water.

5. Shake the jar vigorously. Put it on the counter for 12 hours. Shake it again and turn it upside down. Put it back on the counter for 12 more hours.

6. Take a test taste of the pickles and then put the jar in the fridge. It should be good for about two weeks in there.

See you Thursday!