Chapter 6 Begin Date

By JGray

Hello! Just letting you know we have a firm launch window for chapter 6. It will be launching the first week of February.

As of right now, we're going to be posting one page per week. Chapter 6 is shaping up to be around 120 pages long. That means we should finish posting chapter 6 sometime in March of 2017.

Think about that for a moment.

Here's the truth, everyone. Mysteries of the Arcana occupies this strange place between professional enterprise and hobby. That's not surprising. A lot of webcomics do. And I feel like a heel for shilling and asking for money but there are some facts I need to look at, too.

Fact 1: Keith is a professional artist. That's how he makes his living. He deserves to be compensated for the hours he puts into MotA every week. Penciling, inking, coloring and lettering take a lot of time on a comic of MotA's quality.

Fact 2: I deserve to be able to pay for Keith and MotA's other expenses without digging into my saving's account. I maybe even deserve to make a bit of money for the work I put into the comic myself.

Which means, for Mysteries of the Arcana to continue we need your help. Right now, we have the support we need to post MotA once a week. I'd love to get the support needed to return to twice a week updates.

How you can support Mysteries of the Arcana

A few hundred people read MotA regularly, according to the numbers. That makes us a niche comic with a limited audience. I can happily accept that because I believe our audience is awesome. You appreciate the comic and I appreciate you. A few hundred people dedicated to a comic's survival can make it thrive.

The primary way you can support Mysteries of the Arcana is through our Patreon. For those who don't know, Patreon is a monthly patron system. You pledge to donate X dollars per month and you get some small rewards in return. Right now, we're $73/month away from being able to boost MotA from a once per week update schedule to a twice per week schedule. If 73 people reading this comic were each to commit to donate $1/month we'd make that goal!

Another way you can support Mysteries of the Arcana is by buying our ebooks. Chapters 1 and 2 have been compiled into digital trade editions. You'll get the comic in an electronically portable format that you can read on your ereader, smartphone or tablet anywhere you go! There's even a bonus story with each book that isn't available (and probably never will be) on this website!

Chapter 1 is available from Amazon for Kindle and in PDF format at DriveThruComic.

Likewise, Chapter 2 is available from Amazon for Kindle and in PDF format at DriveThruComic.

If you do buy the book (or already have a copy) please give us a review on either site. Reviews attract potential buyers.

Thanks for listening to my sales pitch.

Thank you for supporting Mysteries of the Arcana.

See you Thursday.

Announcement Announcement Annooooounceeement!

By JGray

Sorry about missing Monday's update but I have a good excuse. Really!

First, though, notice that today's page is the official on-the-website debut of the Hierophant Card. Those of you who got the chapter 1 ebooks from the Kickstarter got to see a glimpse of the card in the bonus story, Narrow, but today's view is much better. And speaking of the ebooks...

I am proud to announce that Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 1: More Heavens and Earths and Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 2: All the Way Down are now officially on sale as ebooks!

Each book contains a bonus story not available on our website.

Chapter 1 is $12.99 and available at Amazon. If you would prefer the book in PDF format, you can also purchase it from DriveThruComics.

Chapter 2 is $7.99 and also available at Amazon. Again, if you prefer your ebooks in PDF format you can purchase it from DriveThruComics.

If you prefer to read your comics via ComiXology there'll be a wait. We've submitted the books to them but the ComiXology review process takes several months to complete. I'll announce when the books are up there.

If you do buy the books or even if you already own them via the Kickstarter please take a moment to write a review on Amazon or DriveThruComics (or both!). Reviews help sell books and we can really use the sales. So, this is me begging for reviews. Honest ones, though. I always prefer honesty.

See you Monday!


By JGray

It sounds as if Kludge doesn't place much faith in Melody's mythology for the arcana, does it? I wonder what kind of fights that causes them...

Speaking of nothing involving LEGO Kludge! By now, hopefully all eligible Kickstarters have received their PDFs of Mysteries of the Arcana chapters 1 and 2. What did you think of the bonus stories? With chapter 1, we had Narrow, a story that takes place between chapters 1 and 2. With chapter 2, we had Fly Away Home, a prequel that tells the story of how Mandrake came to live at the Inn. I'd love to hear your impressions of those two stories. Drop us a comment and let us know, please! Like all creators, I thrive on feedback.

And don't forget, Mysteries of the Arcana is now a Patreon supported webcomic! Our goal right now is to raise $320 a month so we can bring you MotA twice a week. At present, we are at $247 a month with 10 patrons. That's enough to allow MotA to be posted once a week. Please consider being our patron, even if for only $1 a month. 20 people pledging $1 a month is just as good as 1 person pledging $20 a month. Every little bit counts to help pay for the comic.

See you Monday!