No pushing this week!

By JGray

I don't think I have any begging for money this week. No RPG books I've written to tell you anyway. :)

More seriously, I want to take this week to thank everyone who reads Mysteries of the Arcana. If you comment or don't, if you read each update or come back once in a while and catch up. Thank you. Without you, half the story would be gone. A story needs an audience.

Bricks of the Arcana on Friday. New story comic next Wednesday. See you then!

Help me OBKludge Kenobi!

By JGray

Looks like Chrys' dad wasn't so safe on that pirate ship after all!

Some of you may be asking, "Why does Theresa have a phone?" and the answer is... well, because it is useful. She's never pulled it out on panel before now but the phone can still function as a tiny computer/camera/calculator. Thus, she keeps it in her pocket.

Also, it makes a convenient bit of plot device. So there. Nyah!


In "J keeps doing this RPG writing thing news"...

My first Pathfinder-compatible book, Spellstaff, is still on sale. The simple sales pitch is: Dragon Age style blasting staves for Pathfinder. Complete with archetypes, magic variants, feats and plot hooks. Only $4.99!

I also have a new book out called Once Upon an Encounter: Red Riding Hood. It is only $.99 and is for GMs - a simple encounter based on a classic fairy tale that they can drop into any adventure. Here's the back cover blurb:

Inspired by classic fairy tales, the Once Upon an Encounter series gives gamemasters quick encounters that can be inserted into any adventure or campaign. Red Riding Hood is designed for a party of adventurers of levels 4-6.

A shapeshifting, demonic Wolf stalks the forest, eating hunters, foresters, and other villagers who venture into the woods.

Red Hood, a tainted paladin hunts the wolf but is sucumbing the the taint inside of her.

Will the party slay the Wolf and free both paladin and village? Or will the paladin give into the evil inside and force the party to kill her?

Give them a try if you like.

We'll have a new Bricks of the Arcana up Friday. This one has a cameo from someone famous!

New comic next Wednesday. See you then!


Look! Stuff's Happening!

By JGray

Hello, everyone! Thanks for putting up with the slow pace of chapter 6. Right now, one update a week is what we can afford. Hopefully, as time marches on, that'll change.

Keith has asked me to inform everyone about a Kickstarter being held to raise funds for a Starship Moonhawk audio drama. He's heavily involved as producer and director. His band (did you know he has a band) is also producing the music. You can find more information here.

There'll be a new Bricks of the Arcana on Friday and a new story comic next Wednesday.

See you then!